Monday, April 02, 2007

Really Direct Mail

I've decided I love email newsletters. As a recipient I appreciate that they don't clog up my mail table, they don't kill trees, they're easy to act on (or delete), share, and most importantly, unsubscribe from. I wish I could say the same for snail mail.

As a sender (I create newsletters for clients) I can track who opens them, forwards them, clicks on them, or contacts us. They are everything direct mail is supposed to be, but isn't--trackable. And, the response rates are generally MUCH better than printed mailings.

Of course, you have to do it right: use permissioned lists (opt-ins), provide something of value, write a good subject line, time the release properly, and, of course, comply with the CAN-SPAM and other applicable laws.

What's not to love? Accountability and higher reach at a lower cost. Count me in.

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