Monday, March 12, 2007

5 Tips for Creating Case Studies with Impact

In my travels through trade shows and web sites, I have come across many case studies designed to make concrete the services an organization offers—some more effective than others. I'm a fan of thoughtfully and carefully prepared case studies. How can you make sure yours have the most impact? Here are five tips to great case studies:

1. Provide enough customer background to provide context for the project description and for prospects to be able to relate.

2. Describe the issues or problems the customer had before your solution was implemented.

3. Differentiate your solution from the customer's other options.

4. Prove how the customer benefited from the relationship.

5. Include descriptive comments from the customer, explaining the problem, the process, and the outcome.

If you've covered these basics, check out this article by Mark Levy at Marketing Profs for ways to emphasize your "insight" to the solution in your case study.

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