Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The reviews are in!

Bette Brunelle of Outsell not only gave an excellent talk about advertisers moving online at the SSP meeting on June 9, but she also wrote a review of Marshall Keys stimulating keynote address for the June 16 issue of Outsell Now (available by subscription) . The general message was: yeah, you publishers have done a lot of work making everything electronic, but you're not done yet: tomorrow's researchers will be using portable devices for everything and will flock to technology that supports community.

In the meantime, EPS Insights newsletter ran a comprehensive report (available by subscription only) of the session on "New New Things" or innovative technologies: accurately summarizing the overview presentation by Richard Newman of the American Medical Association, the discussion of video delivery by Kent Anderson of the New England Journal of Medicine, and Nature's Joy Moore on incorporating social networks into scholarly publishing.

Keep an eye on SSP web site where the presentations from these and other sessions will be posted soon.

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